Ameripak is proud to serve the following industries ranging in a variety of packaging, janitorial and safety products.

Manufacturing FacilitiesManufacturing Facilities
Since 1984, Ameripak has partnered with a variety of manufacturers, supplying them with packaging products that not only protect their items, but also help market their company brand. Printing a company logo on cartons, tapes or bags allows customers to take advantage of advertising their company while protecting their products at the same time.  Contact us for more information.

Distribution FacilitiesDistribution Facilities
Ameripak stocks a variety of supplies to help our distribution customers keep products moving along the supply chain.  Stretch film, tapes and strapping are just some of the items our customers are using in their distribution facilities. With Just-in-Time delivery, we’ll keep you well supplied to ensure your products get to their destinations intact and on schedule.

Flooring CompaniesFlooring Companies
Single face corrugated rolls, corrugated sheet stock, polyethylene foam rolls and carpet film are some of the products that Ameripak has supplied to flooring companies for over 3 decades.  These products are designed to protect many floor types from unwanted foot traffic and scuffing from equipment movement during the installation process.

Keeping with our vast array of products, Ameripak has aligned itself with several pharmaceutical suppliers.  Offering insulated shippers, cold packs, and absorbent pads for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, our products have proven to be very successful for the many home-delivery pharmacies we serve.

Food & BeverageFood & Beverage
As with the pharmaceutical industry, Ameripak offers insulated packaging to the Food and Beverage industry.  With a variety of containers, hot and cold cups, take out boxes, and carry out bags, our goal is to provide our Food & Beverage customers with everything they need to keep their customers happy.

Moving CompaniesMoving Companies
Wardrobe boxes, dish packs, rolled bubble, and unprinted newsprint are a few items that have aligned Ameripak with several moving and storage customers.  All items are available for pick up or can be delivered to the job site. We make it easy — packing and moving are hard enough!

With over 30 years of success in the redistribution market, Ameripak offers competitive pricing on a large variety of products to the many Distributors we supply.  Whether you need us to drop ship to end users in confidence, ship directly to you, the distributor, or set up items to be picked up at Will Call, we can create a program that satisfies your needs.

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